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Despite the opinion of many people considering the golf as an only sport for wealthy people, this page is ready to show all lectors, fanatics o not, that this sport goes beyond this classic knowledge. Whether you want to soak of real information that resolves all your questions about the precision sport.

Do you want to be part of golf professionally, here you can find a list with the main golf schools in Europe, Canada and USA, how to prepare with basics concepts of golf instructions as handicapping, scoring, stroke index and more; you will learn how to choose the most appropriate golf schools as well as the way of to search schools near to your home. In our section Golf resources you must find which are the golf associations in every country. It is also a good option to have a private teacher in order to go forward faster. Check out the Personal Trainers in Sydney - Specialist in golf performance.

However, before you start to get all information to practice golf, take into account view our section of what golf equipment is necessary, golf clubs, golf balls, golf gear among other golf requirements. Be sure that our site will respond and more all your doubts, soaking up all the information prepared for you.


Consider these aspects to begin learning more about golf world, this way you can enjoy this interesting game that nowadays is practiced by young and old people alike.
How to choose a golf school
Golf Instruction
Private Lessons
 How to choose a golf school?
When choosing a school you must consider factors such as experienced instructors and good location.
 Golf Instruction
Golf instruction is very important, people should learn some strategies and techniques to win this popular game.
 Golf Lessons
Golf Lessons are an alternative for those who prefer to learn or improve their golf techniques in their free time.


Become a professional golfer, but before, you have to acquire different knowledge in so important aspects such as golf clubs and golf gear, besides you can review our glossary this way you will be more familiar to this game.
Golf Clubs
Golf Gear
Golf terms
 Golf Clubs
Golf clubs are an essential element in golf; there are four types and each one of them is used to do different shots.
 Golf Gear
Golf gear refers to the proper clothing and accessories used to play golf such as hat, gloves, bag and others.
 Golf terms
Find a golf glossary with a complete list of terms in golf game that every amateur or professional golfer should know.

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