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Golf Clothing

Golf Clothing

Since golf was considered an sport of wealthy people, golf clothing has evolved, now dressing and feel comfortable with fashionable golf clothes is being essential for all kinds of players from traditional to new golfers whom requires feel confident when making a slice or a swing just to name a few.

Today there are numerous shops that offer players accessories and golf clothing to suit every taste and budget as well as the specialist advice about what dress in a golf course. You shouldn't worry about economy, we sure that you find what are you looking for.

Probably golfers wish get found the perfect clothes for their days out on the green and look good on the golf course with golf clothing. Fortunately there are a variety of high street shops and online stores that sell fashionable ladies golf clothing and men golf clothing. But look good and comfortable are not only reasons at the moment of purchase what use; sunny or rainy days during winter or summer are other factors to consider too.

  • Golf shirts with or without collars is relevant
  • Golf long trousers
  • Capris
  • Golf dress shorts
  • Golf skirts that usually include an undershort
  • Golf sweaters and fleece

  • Collared golf shirts (cotton, microfiber or polyester) maybe with a turtleneck-style collar
  • Long pants (cotton, polyester blend)
  • Shorts with a pleated or flat front, they must be designed for golf, not gym shorts no shorter than just above your knees
  • Golf sweaters and fleece
Golf clothes in common for both men and women golfers cover a vast range of options, which can vary from ankle-length socks to wear with shorts will be fine, please always choose a sock that keep your feet dry; golf hats consider certain headgear to the more appropriate or even baseball-style hats or visors, caps and beanies. Golf wind-wear, windwear base layers About golf shoes, please consider also the use of sneakers or running shoes even the last one is not so recommended.

Some golf accessories that complement your golf apparel include:
  • Golf sunglasses
  • Golf watches
  • Golf belts (leather are on style)
  • Golf bags
  • Golf trolleys
Advices to dress properly in a golf course or during a specify season:
  • Combine your clothes always a bright color with neutrals like tan, black or white, take into account that the most of people consider often colorful and bright clothes.

  • Use the right golf shoes and never sandals. A pair of street shoes should be perfects at the moment of have a lunch or a drink in the clubhouse afterwards.

  • Combine socks with the same color of your golf shoes.

  • During a sunny day never forget use hats to keep the sun off your eyes and continue down the fairway. One baseball style must be fine for the situation. And to complete your golf apparel use lightweight pants, shorts.

  • Do you want protected always? Don't forget use hats, visors and sunglasses. Those worn during winter and protect you in rainy days.

  • Protect your feet with golf shoes from the rain or the watered grass and they provide you a good amount of grip.