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Types of Golf Clubs

Types of Golf Clubs

Many golfers fall in certain doubts due to the evolution in the construction of the variety of types of golf clubs as what are these clubs? What are the qualities of each type of club and its uses? This section will be helpful to take right decision at the moment to purchase the best equipment.

Meeting the golf clubs uses and the material composition results important factors whether you are a beginner at great game of golf. Definitely these introduce you to the golf clubs. It is usual that a golfer's bag contains different types of golf clubs, there are: woods, irons, wedges, putter and sometime hybrids.

Some other factor that could influent at the moment of try to buy a golf club is that every golfer has his own golf swing, an incurable slice and there are special golf clubs associated to them, is important ask your instructor.

Most manufacturers of custom clubs have filled a gap in the market, read more about the types of golf clubs that goes from woods, irons, wedges, putters and utility clubs hybrids.


Golf Club of Wood
Golf Club of Iron
Hybrid Golf Club
 Wood Golf Clubs
Wood golf clubs are used to long shots and these are used in long drive contests, but not in legal tournament.
 Iron Golf Clubs
Iron golf clubs are used to short shots because this type of golf club allows to hit a variety of different shots.
 Hybrid Golf Clubs
Hybrid golf clubs combines advantages of irons with woods and these are used to long shots from difficult rough.