Hybrid Golf Clubs

Hybrid woods, Wedges and Putters

Hybrid woods

A new type of wood known as a "hybrid" combines the straight hitting characteristics of irons with the low center of gravity characteristics of higher lofted woods. A "hybrid" is often used for long shots from difficult rough. Hybrids are also used by players who have a difficult time getting the ball airborne with long irons. In a 2005 study by the Darrell Survey Company, nearly 19% of U.S. consumer golfers were using at least one hybrid club, up from only 7.5% in 2004.


Wedges are irons usually with a loft of more than 45 degrees. Pitching wedges are rather similar to other irons, Sand wedges have specially designed undersides, which utilize a feature known as "bounce", that make them suitable for shots from bunkers or from the rough. Gap wedges represent a compromise between a pitching wedge and sand wedge--hence their name. Lob Wedges have a very high loft and are used for approach shots, from sand, or difficult recovery shots requiring an extraordinarily high shot traveling a short distance.


Putters come in a variety of head shapes and have a very low loft and often a short shaft. They are used to play the ball on the green, but may occasionally be useful for playing from bunkers or for some approach shots on courses with tightly mown fringe and fairways.