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Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

It is important to have a firm footing, especially during power shots such as the drive

Tiger Woods swings his driver at more than 110 mph and even your average recreational player can reach speeds of 80-90mph.

Most golfers will walk about five miles during an average 6,500-yard round, so comfort is also essential.

Trainers are fine when you are learning the game but most golf courses insist players wear proper golf shoes.

Spiked soles

The traditional golf shoe is fitted with spikes, sometimes removable, which stick the feet to the turf even in soggy conditions.

Screw-in spikes can be removed for cleaning with a spike wrench that should be sold with the shoes.

Take care to keep the sockets clean.

Rubber-dimpled soles

Originally developed just for summer golf when conditions are dry, these are an increasingly popular alternative.

They have the advantage that they can be worn inside clubhouses which do not permit spikes.

Some clubs are also banning spikes from the course because of the marks they leave on the green.