Calculating a handicap score

Calculating a handicap score

The actual shot numbers taken to play a hole or a round is known as the 'gross' score.

To calculate how well he or she has played, the player deducts his handicap from the total to work out the 'net' score.

For instance, if a player with a handicap of 20 takes 90 shots to go round a par 70 course his net score will be 70 - which means he will have 'played to his handicap' - ie returned a net score the same as par.

You can also work out your score for each hole as you go along as illustrated above.

If you do not have a handicap you can work out what it might be but subtracting par for the course from your total.

For instance if you return a score of 98 on a par 72 course, you will have played to a handicap of 26.