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How to choose a Golf school

How to choose a school

Many golfers want to know how they can get the best learning experience for their money. They often like to plan a family vacation around the golf school. Here are some questions you may want to ask as you consider a golf school:

Will the instruction be catered to my personal goals and learning style?

The last thing you want is to be stuck in some cookiecutter program that is just somebody's teaching system. You want to make sure that there will be individualised attention that helps you reach your own goals.

Better golf schools will have some type of an intake session where the instructor will consider your personal goals, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, then structure a plan of action to help you achieve your desired outcome. Your instructor can then work out a practice plan to create improved, long-term results.

Video analysis can be highly effective in this process. It can be helpful for you to see before and after images of your golf swing so you can see specifically what you need to work on. Better instructors will use this to evaluate your swing.

You may also want to find an instructor whose teaching philosophy matches with your learning style. You may want to find out who his favourite golf authors are. You may also want to ask if the instruction will deal more with swing mechanics or the mental aspects of the game.

What is the experience of the golf instructors? Do they teach full-time?

Would you let your family doctor do brain surgery on you? Most likely you'd prefer a surgeon who is a specialist in brains. It stands to reason that if you're doing something fulltime, all the time, your skill and ability level is much higher.

Veteran golf instructors are likely to recognise your problem areas faster. They are able to quickly and effectively communicate a solution for you. They will focus on the things that are going to make a difference right away. They will give you a practice plan that will allow you to have significant breakthroughs in your game.

How many students will each instructor work with?

A low student-to-instructor ratio (4-to-1 or less) is best. This will ensure that you get enough individual attention as you are learning. Having an instructor work closely with you will help you stay on track as you practice new drills and exercises and not slip back into old bad habits.

Ideally, it's best to work with the same instructor for the entire duration of the golf school. This allows the golf professional to get to know you and customise a learning program for your individual needs.

Will I get to play golf as a part of the program? Does the instructor give training on-course?

Taking what you learn on the range and applying it to the course is an integral part of any great learning program. Having an instructor work with you as you play on the course is a very important part of the learning process. You may have some mental barriers that are keeping you from reaching your potential ­ these may not show up until you are faced with the pressures of playing. Your instructor can also show you how to strategically play the best percentage shots ­ for your level of ability.

What are the facilities and location like? What is the weather typically like?

You will want to have a first class facility that has a good practice range with real grass, putting greens and short game area. It is good to have a facility that can accommodate indoor practice in case of inclement weather. Choose a golf school that is likely to be warm and have plenty of sunshine when you go.

Many of the better training facilities will integrate video instruction as a part of their program. The best video swing analysis programs presently available are: A-Star & JCVideo.