Stableford scoring

Stableford scoring

In a stableford scoring system the player gains points for each hole and usually are stroke play formats. At the end of the round the total are added to the final score, but it is not your stroke total, these are the earned for your scores on each individual hole. The winner is the player which obtains the highest score.

The normal stableford scoring system consists in:

Means Score
Bogey 1 point
Par 2 points
Birdie 3 points
Eagle 4 points
Albatross 5 points

The points can be modified - for instance so the rewards for scores below par are higher.

On an amateur level, if a player takes six shots on a par-four hole but is entitled to a shot because of his handicap, his net score is five.

The stableford is less popular in US but more common in Europe, UK and South Africa. Retief Goosen won the 2005 International tournament with 32 points.